ACTIV8DNA - Unlocking your true potential
5.0 (3 ratings)
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ACTIV8DNA - Unlocking your true potential

Transform your life: utilizing epigenetics to unlock the best you, shut down unwanted behaviors & live life to the full.
5.0 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
52 students enrolled
Created by Elisabetta Faenza
Last updated 3/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Activate your inner potential, overcome unwanted behaviors, become more mindful, productive and energized.
  • Understand how to transform your mind-maps to create a more resilient and productive mindset.
  • Discover your personality type and how to maximize your effectiveness in teams.
  • Identify your productivity mode and utilize this to get more done.
  • Make decisions in line with your values and core purpose.
  • Discover your life-purpose and develop a plan to achieve it.
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  • No prior knowledge is required. Access to a smart phone, PC, laptop or tablet is necessary. You may wish to print documents out, so access to a printer is recommended, but not required.

Transform your life: utilizing epigenetics to unlock the best you, shut down unwanted behaviors & live life to the full.

Work at your own pace through 7 comprehensive lectures and one bonus lecture, featuring eBooks, videos, audios and quizzes with the option for further study via additional resources. Create a path of transformation and then execute it step-by-step until you achieve each goal. Learn about your personality and how this influences you, your strengths and weaknesses and how best to relate to others. Unlock your inner purpose and energize your life. Even if you've never engaged in personal development you'll find this program easy to follow and implement.

Created by best selling author, hypnotherapist and personal transformation expert - Elisabetta L. Faenza, ACTIV8DNA will unlock your hidden potential and help you on the path to self-mastery.

Who is the target audience?
  • The ACTIV8DNA Personal Transformation Course is designed for beginners who want to take control of their lives. No prior knowledge is needed.
  • Anyone who wants to overcome an unwanted behavior.
  • It is perfect for anyone wanting to achieve goals, and become more productive.
  • No prior knowledge is necesary. The ACTIVE8DNA Personal Transformation Program is designed for beginners.
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Curriculum For This Course
Activ8DNA - Unlocking your potential through the 7 Codes
1 Lecture 21:56

Lecture 1: Sick of negative behavior sabotaging your success? Desperate to kick a destructive habit? In this first lecture, I'll introduce you to the Energy Bucket Concept and reveal the science behind epigenetics and quantum biology, and what this means to how you show up in the world. Read the downloadable book - The Energy Bucket - to reinforce each of the key concepts and take a quiz to see if you're on track.

The quiz provides some tips on how to ensure you put energy where it is needed and create goals that you can achieve,

The first, and perhaps most important step in setting any goal is to know where you are right now. This quiz helps you to take an audit of the main areas of your life. This will give you a sense of where you need to put your energy. Often clients will say they had a big work goal for the year, but one personal crisis after the other kept getting in the way. Wherever we focus our energy will thrive, and therefore wherever we take our energy from will suffer.

If we take energy focus away from our health or our relationships, then it is only a matter of time before a crisis occurs. The same is true when a crisis in health takes us away from our work. Sooner or later our work starts to suffer. The secret is to be in tune with all areas of our energetic health, so we prevent the crisis before it happens, and give all areas of our life the energy they need to stay healthy.

This means having a good, hard, honest look at yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. If you're having some time off over the holiday period or on annual leave, this will provide the perfect opportunity for some reflection.

You can do the same for your career and finances, and any other area of your life that is important to you.

Discover your energetic strengths and weaknesses, and set yourself up to create real, positive growth over the next 12 months.

Preview 21:56
Unlocking the DNA of Perception
1 Lecture 07:33

Lecture 2: Let's put these ideas into practice. Watch the Energy Bucket -Key Principle 1 Video, it's all about Mindset. Download the workbook and print it out, each lecture you'll use it to create a plan of action for transformation. You'll return to the Workbook again and again, so keep it handy. The workbook allows you to focus on the key principles in The Energy Bucket and The Energy Code and apply them to your life.

Complete the Mindset exercise in the workbook - refer back to the resources in Lecture 1 if you need to jog your memory about how this all fits together.

Additional resources include recommended reading to assist you to shift your mindset.

This is the foundation lecture for the whole program, becoming aware of and being able to shift your mindset, is the most important personal development skill you will ever learn.


Preview 07:33
Unlocking the DNA of Motivation
1 Lecture 04:42

Lecture 3: In this lecture you'll discover the key to motivation - understanding your personality!

Watch 'Key Principle 2' Video Lecture on personality, and use the additional resources link to the Personality Profile App to pinpoint your personality preferences, if you've never done a personality profile before. Use the App to delve deeper into your personality style and the personalities of those closest to you.

Download 'The Energy Code, Unlocking the DNA of Personality' eBook and read through the theory behind personality profiling.

You'll uncover where you derive energy: Extraversion (E) vs. Introversion (I) and why. You will then know where to focus your energy for optimal results, and whether you intuit information or gather it through your senses. You'll determine whether you make decisions by judging or perceiving, and be familiar with your four letter personality code. This will help you to pinpoint your personality strengths and weaknesses, and how to best work with others.

Use the Motivator Tips eBook to revise the Key Concept from Lectures 1 and 2. Return to the Energy Code Workbook and complete the section on Personality.

Within 'The Energy Code, 7 Keys..' book there is additional detailed information on personality types, the link between personality and brain resource usage, and how to maximize your personality strengths within teams.


Preview 04:42
Unlocking the DNA of Nutrition
1 Lecture 07:20

Lecture 4: In this lecture you'll become aware of what you consume, where it comes from, how it was made, and how much energy is wasted in its production and consumption. You'll also become acquainted with what you absorb from the people, places and activities that fill your life. Your learn to manage what you consume and absorb, allowing you to manage your environment, mindfully - saving you money, time and energy.

Use the accompanying booklet - Unlocking the DNA of Nutrition - and The Energy Code Workbook section on Energy Inputs with this month's video to help you achieve your nutrition and weight management goals.

I've also included a link to some optional additional reading about nutrition and how to tune your nutrition to your unique biology.

Have fun!

Preview 07:20
Unlocking the DNA of Activity
1 Lecture 04:49

Lecture 5: In this lecture you'll discover how to make mindful choices about what you do with your energy at work, at home and at play; and more specifically who or what you give your energy to. Read the accompanying eBook - Unlocking the DNA of Exercise, watch the recommended video - Key Principle 4 - Energy Outputs and refer back to The Energy Code Workbook to help you achieve your activity and energy management goals.

The section on Energy Predators in 'The Energy Code, 7 Keys...' - will be especially useful to gain an understanding of how people steal energy from each other, instead of deriving their own. This section will help you to become less wasteful of your energy and more discerning with its usage.

I trust you'll find this enlightening.

Preview 04:49
Unlocking the DNA of Behaviour Change
1 Lecture 02:35

Lecture 6: In this lecture you'll learn the importance of paying attention to the thoughts you think and the words you speak. You'll discover why it is so important to choose to express yourself through appreciation, gratitude and joy, rather than anger, frustration or fear. You'll acquire the skill to express emotions as they arise in a constructive manner through exercise, music, time in nature or solitude. You'll understand why it's crucial to limit your contact with negative people, negative pass-times or negative media messages. You'll be empowered to let go of negative self-talk and understand how to turbo-charge your affirmations and goals.

Use the accompanying booklet - Unlocking the DNA of Behavior Change and listen to the Audio, watch Key Principle 5 Video - Attitude and Energy Charge and refer back to The Energy Code Workbook section on Attitude and Energy Charge, completing the exercises.

Preview 02:35
Unlocking the DNA of Productivity
1 Lecture 04:22

Lecture 7: This lecture is all about becoming highly productive in all areas of life through understanding where your energy is on the Energy Mode Model, then becoming empowered to choose activities that support you. You'll learn the difference between Constructive, Deconstructive, Reflective and Recuperative Energy Modes, and become mindful of when your energy shifts into another mode.

Watch Key Principle 6 Video - Energy Modes - then go through 'The DNA of Productivity eBook, referring to the Energy Mode section in The Energy Code Workbook.

Preview 04:22
Unlocking the DNA of Flow
1 Lecture 03:40

Lecture 8: This final lecture brings all the other principles together helping you to become more mindful in everything you do, helping you attain self-mastery & no longer be the victim of unconscious programs.

In the first lecture, you took the important step of assessing where you were. You took an inventory of the main areas of your life, which helped to give you an accurate sense of where you need to put your energy. Now it's time to check in again. Over the past 7 lectures you have learned about your mindset, personality, energy intake and output, how your attitude impacts your performance and discovered your productivity mode.

This lecture shows you how to bring it all together with Key Principle 7: Mindfulness. Watch the lecture video, Read through Unlocking the DNA of Mindfulness Booklet, and listen to the accompanying Audio. Then when you are ready, retake the Quiz and see if you have improved your life-balance and energy management.Once again discover your energetic strengths and weaknesses, and set yourself up to create real, positive growth over the next 12 months as you apply each of the Key Principles and lecture materials from this course.

Good Luck!

Preview 03:40
About the Instructor
Elisabetta Faenza
5.0 Average rating
3 Reviews
52 Students
1 Course
Maximizing Human Potential

Best selling author of The Energy Code, The Infidel and Veritas, Elisabetta L. Faenza is a dynamic and inspiring professional with more than 30 years experience as a performance expert; a substantive background in education, a commitment to expanding learning opportunities and a passion for working in a collaborative and team-oriented manner.

Throughout her career, Elisabetta's skill in translating complex scientific details into relatable and actionable information has helped thousands of individuals and countless companies set goals, launch new projects and turn around performance. Elisabetta utilizes her experience as a hypnotherapist, plus empirical, neuroscience and statistical analysis in providing data-driven and science based courses that maximize human potential.

“A key motivator, trainer and author in the field of productivity and performance, Elisabetta brings her love of science, her experience in the field and her down to earth common sense to every presentation or workshop." Matt Church, Founder Thought Leaders Global