Wrightsville Beach Studios

Dedicated to creating the finest in filmmaking tutorials.

We founded Wrightsville Beach Studios in 2006 to create the very best in tutorials and training on film and video lighting, sound, and more. Created by professionals for aspiring professionals, we take viewers a step beyond other tutorials and show not only the what or how, but the WHY.

Founded by Emmy Award-winning producer and world-renowned Panasonic camera expert Barry Green, and DVXuser post-production guru David Jimerson. We began with the HVX BootCamp DVD, the definitive video tutorial for the enormously successful Panasonic HVX200 camcorder, and soon followed it up with what we consider the finest tutorials for movie Sound and Lighting.

Our catalog of award-winning, original programming is growing all the time. Viewers learn with the pros in easy-to-understand, funny, and immersive presentations - great for those just starting out and valuable reference guides for more advanced users. Find out why more and more people have said they learned more from us in a couple of hours than they have in years of classes.

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