Vladimir Chopine

Professional Photographer, Artists and Instructor.

Vladimir Chopine

Certified trainer, Published and award winning digital artist and photographer.

Adobe Users Group leader of my area.

Hi, I am Vladimir Chopine, owner of Geekatplay Studio, who has provided training for many years to professional digital artists all over world. I currently have over 3000+ individual video tutorials and printed tutorials, as well as published books and magazine articles.

My digital art speaks for itself with unique compositing techniques and photography style.

I began as an artist over 35 years ago as a traditional cartoon animator and camera man. Later, I acquired multiple degrees equivalent to a Masters, in Computer science, Marketing and other areas. I have received multiple awards for computer animations, digital art, matte paintings, and photography and have been published in many magazines and books. I even published my own book about creating your own 3D environments with Vue.

I’ve created hundreds of commercial digital compositions, and during all those years I’ve developed and polished various techniques in Photoshop and have hosted multiple workshops and live classes. I am happy to share my knowledge on my web site and my youtube channel,  

and now bring this popular teaching style and my skills and experience with students to Udemy!

I hope that these skills help you discover new creative outlets, to grow at your work, find new clients, and sell your art for more money.

Start learning now!

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