Vivek Saxena

I am a software specialist into  consulting business since many years. I have been working on cloud computing , mobile e-commerce , embedded devices and cloud infrastructure. I have been hands on in JAVA C++ Python Android and Linux and Hypervisors and Software Defined Networks. 

My areas of interest are Virtual Machines, Cloud Computing, Processor Architecture and Mobile Devices. Soon there will be more courses on all of these topics.

In order to learn a technology or programming language, for instance Python, what you do is to refer the best books available. Simply reading online content does not suffice. Knowledge of such a nature is not complete and does not stay with you for long. My intention is to present you a summary of whatever is there to know from many books articles and my own field experience in the respective subject, in a to the point yet detailed manner thereby save your time and put you up to speed ready to contribute to the live projects asap.

Any questions or concerns regarding the course can be also be shared with me directly, find me on LinkedIn. 

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