Phanindra Kumar

Entrepreneur, Web Developer & Instructor

Phanindra is an Engineer by Profession and worked in the software sector for about 5 years in the reputed company called "INFOSYS" and was associated with several projects for "Telstra Corporation Limited" which is the Australia's largest telecommunications and media company.

Apart from his software job, Phanindra started his online journey working as a freelancer in 2007. Since then, he has learnt several strategies related to Wordpress, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, SEO,YouTube Videos, Kindle eBooks,Explainer Videos,Android & iOS Apps,Game Development,Editing, Animation, Graphics etc.

During his education itself, he grasped the concepts of web design and development and created several websites for his clients. His strengths include ability to customize any template or wordpress theme using PHP, JQuery, HTML5 & other concepts.

He has created several successful blogs and YouTube channels which work passively for him.

Because of his enthusiasm to learn new things and technologies, Phanindra has not drawn any boundaries about exploring his interests. This has helped him to gain knowledge in several areas which are entirely the north and south poles, when compared. Because of his passion towards films, visual effects and graphics he has also worked as VFX Professional(on softwares like Digital Fusion, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Nuke, Combustion, Particle Illusion) for few movies.

He can independently handle the activities like Compositing, Rotoscoping,Tracking & Image Stabilization, Keying, Color Correction, 3D Composition,Wire Removal, Particle System, Film Compositing.

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