Dr. Tzion Schlossberg MD,MHA

The Everyday Doc - Medical Expertise Made Simple !

Tzion Schlossberg MD, MHA , holds a Degree in Medicine and a Master's Degree in Health Administration from the University of Tel-Aviv, He is a board certified practicing family physician, who professes to the importance of a healthy nation.

With an extensive background of filling high responsibility managerial roles, both at ministerial level in the Ministry of Health and at the community level, his vision is to heighten awareness of important health issues.

As an award winning educator and an avid researcher in the medical field. Dr. Schlossberg dedicates time to educate both the professionals and the general public on health matters.

Dr. Schlossberg is carefully keeping up with the many and fast paced developments in the medical field, as new developments as well as challenges surface every day. Seeing people lost in a confusing sea of information he realized that the time was right to come up with a novel idea- THE EVERDAY DOC came into being.

Aa a medical entrepreneur, what started as local small scale platform to provide his patients with basic accessible information on everyday common clinical complaints ,rapidly caught on and the positive feedback was tremendous . The time was right to avail himself to bigger crowds.

THE EVERYDAY DOC is made to deliver medical expertise in a simple, personal, friendly way always abiding to Dr. Schlossberg top notch standards of professionalism, integrity and the pursuit for excellence.

THE EVERYDAY DOC is here for you, to help you to keep abreast in the fast-changing world and gain knowledge in order to enjoy a healthier and happier life.

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