Owner Tyrus Gross

Owner of Granite Towers, Inc.

27 years of being in the real estate industry has taught me a lot.  My first few years were rough and I learned that you really have to be careful who you learn from.  Fortunately, I started going to one of the largest real estate investment clubs in the country and started networking with real investors that had their act together.  I tapped into real world transactions where there were lots of deals and money floating around.  Long story short, I did very well with real estate in California.  One of the hardest things about real estate is finding houses well below what they are worth.  I learned a lot by networking with professionals and one of the many lessons I learned in CA was to avoid negotiating directly with the seller if possible and buy wholesale deals from someone that has already done the negotiating for me.  

  When you buy from wholesalers, it saves a lot of time, anxiety and there is built in equity.  I'm more efficient and I get many more deals done every year.  I have access to wholesale deals and wholesalers all of the country.  I also have access to private lenders with very deep pockets to fund these deals.

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