Tymone Green

Dedicated QuickBooks Instructor

Known for my ability to get students to maximize their full potential, I have created fun and enriching learning environments throughout my education career.  Using humor and “catchy” phrases, I can engage my students and get them to focus during lectures.  My teaching style focuses on critical thinking, problem solving, effective decision making, and conflict resolution.  I utilize my 15 years of corporate experience to provide my students with a real-world perspective.  I have worked with students enrolled in Allied Health, Paralegal, and Business programs and prepared them to be key contributors in the modern work environment. In addition to teaching, I design and implements accounting and information management systems for small business owners.  I founded my company, TLG Information Solutions, LLC, a firm dedicated to providing small business owners with efficient QuickBooks and Virtual Bookkeeping solutions, in January 2016. 

I am looking forward to working with you as you achieve your education goals.,

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