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Our mission: To provide the best, most actionable investment and financial education—enabling you to reach and surpass your financial goals through each stage of your life.

Margin of Safety Investing, LLC provides coaching and educational services related to financial topics. It was founded by Randy Tudor and Kevin Tudor as a conduit to providing timely, meaningful, low-cost and workable solutions to the financial challenges most people experience today.

Randy Tudor has made the study of financial and tax matters his life-long pursuit. Before opening the doors to his first successful business in 1983, he held various positions and roles with several fortune 500 companies. Since then, he has operated his own accounting, tax and financial planning firms, and has earned numerous financial and accounting certifications along his journey. Randy has had the opportunity and pleasure to work with hundreds of clients in starting up their own businesses, handling tax matters, and learning how to become financially independent by utilizing optimal investment vehicles.

Kevin Tudor has been closely involved with the financial industry for over six years. He has worked with and coached clients on the subjects of retirement planning, foreign currency trading, stock market investments, and small business. Studying under some of the top people in the field, his unique insights and abilities have enabled him to realize much success in managing real-life investment portfolios. Always looking to gain a new edge in his own investments, strategies for clients, and new teachings, Kevin has seen, and practiced, what it takes to become financially successful and fulfilled in life.

Both Randy and Kevin are passionate about sharing their unique knowledge, expertise and insights with their clients and students. They strive to enable you to be comfortable managing your own finances and investments—fully preparing you financially for retirement and other financial goals through each stage of your life.

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