Tony Armstrong

MD BMD Global & Acclaimed Author of The Exceed9 Methodology

Tony Armstrong, Managing Director of BMD Global and Champion of The Exceed9 Methodology is widely recognised as one of Britain’s most dynamic, entrepreneurial and pragmatic business leaders and has an outstanding reputation of delivering real measurable improvements in results for many companies across a very broad spectrum of business sectors.

This ranges from truly Global and International businesses to UK plc’s; SME’s and sometimes smaller, Owner - Managed businesses.

His expertise and that of his team at BMD Global is always applied in a very practical way for each and every client company – and programmes of support are then tailored to them specifically. This proven approach delivers a fantastic return for every client and now he wants to share it with others on a global platform through the power of the internet and Udemy!

Classically trained, with a genealogy that links him back to the Honourable C S Rolls of The Rolls Royce Motor Company, Tony worked his way up in a Corporate Commercial environment within UK divisions of Barclays Bank plc – gaining vast experience in senior sales roles with Barclaycard Merchant (Retail) Services and latterly Company Barclaycard.

Selling these services to corporate entities such as GE; Axel Johnson; London Stock Exchange; Porsche; Microsoft and British Oxygen, Tony has developed key sales and management skills through real world application and honed at the ‘school of hard knocks’ in all areas of commerce!

Having taken the natural step into Business and Management Training, Coaching and Consulting, well over fifteen years ago, Tony has learned his ‘craft’ in the fiercely competitive market place of training and development and has built a up a team of people within a business that is second to none in this area!

BMD Global is therefore a company that’s always lean and hungry for business, with a focus on innovation and practicality - specifically three areas: In - Company Training; Hi Performance | 1:1 Field and Support Coaching | Business Strategy Development. Very often there is a delivery 'blend' of all of the above and at every level across a client’s business, in line with their aims and objectives.

Tony still gets out there with clients to this day. Even in the field with client sales people in their 'live' selling situations - acting as their Area Sales Management Coach. This means salespeople benefit from 'real world coaching and mentoring support,' that gets results.

And if ever challenged with... 'So Tony, when was the last time you actually coached anyone or sold anything?' The answer, more often than not is usually.....'only yesterday!'

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