Tom Sweetman

Human Behaviour, Author, Speaker, Connector,

Tom is a Best-Selling Author, connector with a love for helping people raise their self awareness and follow their greatness.

Following the passing of his mother in 2012 due to cancer. He realised that the average person is not prepared for the array of emotions that accompany loss, and he wrote his best selling book From Grief To Greatness as a way to help others struggling with loss be able to transform it into something more positive.

He loves learning from the greatest minds, teachings and knowledge he comes across then connecting the lessons in his life. The satisfaction comes from create change and sharing the wisdom he learns to others.

Tom combines his vast life experience and training in life coaching, counselling skills and neuro linguistic programming to create courses that assist people in the areas of self awareness, human behaviour and personal development so they can gain more clarity and understanding to live a more fulfilling life.

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