Photographers, Architect, Designer, Entrepreneurs & Marketer

We believe Art is everything and there is something new to learn today.

We teach you everything we have learnt, anything which you can learn as an Art. We try to help you to improve yourself and your life.

what do you want ?!

Do you want to be a Professional Photographer ?!

Do you want to be a professional Photoshop Artist ?!

Do you want to be a professional Illustrator ?!

Do you want to be a professional Graphic designer and Digital painter ?!

Do you want to improve your Business and Marketing just by using Art?!

Do you want to make more  MONEY with Social Media Marketing?!

Do you want to know and Learn everything about Adobes?!

Do you want to learn hand lettering and Typography ?!

Do you want to record and edit videos like a pro?!

We are always up to date and we do our best to teach you every everything ...

So if you are interested in any these topics in any level which you are, definitely we can help you  so join us ...


Our group name is TOOTI , it means parrot in a special language ...We are two sisters that work with each other for over 3 years. We have lots of experience in Art, we know a lot about marketing and social media ...5 years ago we start to learn photography, recording videos and all software which are related to them. Selling and making money with our skills improved us and our Art.We still trying to know and learn more about Art which makes our lives Art is everything...

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