Tina L. Scott

Professional Photographer

Tina L. Scott has been a professional photographer since 2000. She currently owns a portrait studio in Merrill, Wisconsin, where she specializes in weddings and portraits of high school seniors, maternity and newborns, and pets. In addition, she also photographs children and families.

With a natural affinity for teaching that spanned both previous careers and her current career as a professional photographer, Tina is here to share the benefit of her experience with anyone who wants to learn. For years, clients and friends have been urging her to teach classes on photography, Photoshop, and her other areas of expertise. With the discovery of Udemy.com, Tina is now prepared to answer her calling as a teacher and mentor.

Tina will teach courses based on her personal, firsthand experience in response to feedback from her students ... developing curriculum to meet the needs of all the "inquiring minds" who want to know all that she can teach from nearly 15 years in the industry. If you are looking for a course in a particular area, Tina would love to hear from you!

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