Designation Thomas Fuller

Sales Coach

Managing Director of Virtual Coach the online learning environment for The Resource Development Centre.

Thomas has helped to combine more than 25 years of sales and negotiation coaching from the Resource Development Centre into easy to follow online courses.

Our courses draw on the huge experience and unique style of the Resource Development Centre and give a great insight into moral, ethical and practical sales techniques.

For the past years Thomas has focused on training, developing and coaching experienced sales teams and their executives.

Thomas has a refreshingly realistic style of delivery and his wide range of training material is firmly based on experience to encourage the development of pragmatic skills.

His unique style and experiences in competitive selling strategies for high value sales propositions has resulted in his clients winning a great deal of business, in highly competitive arenas.

A few clients have used our techniques outside the business environment altogether – in such areas as international diplomatic services.

Alongside many other projects, Thomas has recently achieved the following:

  • Helped to deliver a programme of Assurance Planning to 400 team members globally to deliver global sales of $500 million+
  • Created a leading training software solution business
  • Built a brand new recruitment concept for sale people
  • Created a training programme for a company with over 3000 team members

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Courses taught by Designation Thomas Fuller