Hi, I’m Tanner Kennedy!

After experiencing extreme narcissistic and abusive relationships starting in childhood from family, intimate partners, friends, mentors and co-workers, I hit a breaking point. From the years of repeated abuse, I experienced PTSD, agoraphobia and wanted to end my life several times. 

I read every self-help book I could find, studied healing techniques and reached out to other healers (who then abused me) searching for the answers, but no matter what I did I kept attracting narcissists and abusers.

After almost giving up hope, a miracle occurred. I was intuitively given the answers to how to break the cycle. So I began to put the practices into action and they worked. My confidence grew and I began to energetically cut the attachments to the narcissists that were surrounding me in my life. 

Everything I teach in my Own Your Worth course are techniques, skills and tools I personally used to finally begin to break the cycle of narcissistic abuse and live a life of freedom, joy and abundance.

Warm Regards,


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