Tammy Chang

Nutrition Coach

Tammy Chang is an educator, health and wellness coach, and healthy food guru who works tirelessly with both individuals and groups to improve their diet in a way that leads to permanent lifestyle change.

Tammy began her career after graduating from Duke University as an educator — teaching hundreds of New York City public school students and pouring her passion into their success. Over time, it became painfully clear the huge impact what students and their families were eating had on their physical, emotional and mental health. Driven by a passion to curb the unhealthy eating crisis, Tammy founded and currently leads the Nourished Belly, where she fuses science, education and entertainment to help others live a healthy eating lifestyle.

Tammy is one of the newest members of the LifeDojo instructor team, which uses whiteboard-style animation, industry-best video design, and storytelling wizardry to make classes fun, engaging, and really effective.

She lives in the Bay Area, where she is close to her friends, her family, and culture and community she loves!