Tal Raviv

Ecquire Founder, teaching 1,500+ students around the world

Hi everyone,

My main claim to fame is co-founding Ecquire, a company that gives the world more time by automating data entry.

I started completely non-technical, and eventually learned to build Ecquire myself, got our first customers, and today I lead the product team.

It wasn't always pretty. Along the way, though, I made every mistake possible relating to development - from wasting $30,000 that disappeared somewhere in India, to spending two years building products no one wanted.

Today Ecquire has a 40% conversion rate and is used at companies such as Docusign, Mixpanel, and Kontagent. Most rewarding is that we have an incredible team all over the world - I get to work with the world's best engineers, designers, and marketers.

Along the way I have learned so much. My articles about creative approaches to the startup journey have reached hundreds of thousands of readers. My co-founder Paul and I have advised dozens of startups including Acclaim,Glider, Zagster, and Mistobox.

I'm frequently asked by entrepreneurs for advice on how to start building their product. I always feel like I never have the time to tell them everything I want them to know!

With this class on Udemy, I hope to get down on paper as much of what I've learned in order to help as many entrepreneurs out there as possible.

I look forward to meeting you in the course. Feel free to reach out over Twitter if you have any questions or reservations.

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