Taher Assaf


Having background in science and data modeling, I was interested early during my career with trading forex and trading stock markets. 15 years ago I have started my journey as a private retail trader and I have gone my way through this bumpy road of self-learning and self-development. It did not take me much time to master to some degree many aspects of forex trading that could take years for other beginners to grasp.

I was lucky to meet and to have a friendship with many experienced and guru traders, who have shaped in many ways how I do trade forex now. They have opened my eyes and my mind to techniques that are both related to price action analysis and psychological aspects. And this unique knowledge from those incredible insiders not only gave me the turn out that I needed to be successful, but also made me willing to help other traders to bypass the difficult beginning of trading and to help them to shorten their learning curve which is very time- and money consuming for them.    

I have opened my local trading school around ten years ago with the sole objective was to help traders at their beginning career similar to the help that I have received when I needed it most.

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