Suzanne Wylde (formerly Waterworth)

Stretching trainer and Creator of Moving Stretch®

I am a Resistance Stretching trainer and with my own technique named Moving Stretch®. I have a background in therapy and use my experience to create stretches that can help a wide range of people, even (and especially) those who are the tightest of the tight.

Moving Stretch® is a type of resistance stretching and it is a fun, effective and strong way to stretch. It works tension, tightness, adhesions (stuck bits) and toxins out of the body to rejuvenate you.

Think of it as not just a way of lengthening your body, but spring cleaning it to.

Moving Stretch® improves the quality of your tissue and has side benefits including; youthfulness, increased energy and positivity, injury avoidance, performance boosting and improvements in posture.

Why not give it a try. Most people really enjoy it and feel the benefits right away. This system can even be used to prepare you for something requiring higher levels of flexibility, such as yoga.

Stretch and enjoy!!

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