Steve Wentworth

Spiritual Teacher, Writer & Guide

Steve Wentworth is a spiritual teacher, angel communicator, writer and guide. Steve is a regular featured expert on UK Talk Radio and features in magazines, TV shows and radio stations in the UK and around the world. He works with clients to achieve new perspectives in their private and business lives, empowering people to take ownership of their spiritual path and helping them to reach their full potential. 

Steve qualified with a teaching certificate and worked in Further Education for 7 years, teaching adult learners and assisting people with long-term disabilities into employment. 

In his early career, Steve was a singer/songwriter in a boy band, appearing in magazines such as Fast Forward and Just 17, as well as on Sky TV, ITV and TV and radio stations across the UK and Europe.

Since the earliest time he can remember, Steve has always been aware of his spiritual connection. His spirituality and beliefs have guided him through all of life's highs and lows. In 2012, he knew the time was right to help empower other people on their spiritual paths. He left his job in education and since then, runs workshops in the UK and helps others with personal consultations in person and via Skype. 

With the launch of his online angel guidance program 'Connect With Your Angels' on Udemy, he is now able to bring some of his courses to a wider audience.

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