Stasia Bliss

Life Alchemist/Empowerment Coach

Stasia Bliss has been mastering change and life transformation all of her life. Stasia has traveled the world, studying yoga, meditation and various spiritual traditions of the world. She has received training in herbology, aromatherapy, gemstone healing, acupressure, reflexology, yoga and alchemy. Moving through various relationships with people, money, self-expression, health and diet - Stasia is poised to assist individuals on their path of change and transformation. Author of 9 published books, numerous meditation downloads and podcasts, and over 500 on-line articles relating to health, nutrition, metaphysics and consciousness. Stasia has a variety of tools and practices to assist one through conscious evolution with ease. Having taught yoga and meditation for over a decade and lead hundreds of people through diet and lifestyle changes to a better, more conscious existence, Stasia is excited to be available here to guide others who are ready for change.

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