Teal Riege

National Sales Trainer

Building the Next Generation of Solar Rockstars

Teal has always had a passion for leading and inspiring others around environmental sustainability. As the National Sales Trainer for a large solar company for over 3 years, she led the outsides sales division by training and on-boarding incoming sales advisors and franchises, conducting in-home consultations, and collaborating with the operations department to bring affordable solar options to everyday homeowners. 

In her time in the solar industry, she wrote, piloted, launched and trained over 6 new company programs and has spent the last year traveling nationwide to train sales teams on how to conduct successful one-call closes. These programs helped revolutionize her company's niche in the marketplace and double the company’s output in deal volume.

In her spare time, Teal loves to travel. Her favorite trips include backpacking throughout South East Asia and Australia where she meditated with Buddhist Monks, trekked through jungles, and scuba dived in every body of water she could have access to.


Client testimonials:

"Teal does an amazing job with sharing her own experiences and relating them to the material we are learned so that we understand why we say and do things in the process that she is teaching us."

- Rick N., Annapolis MD

"My previous place of employment did not have anything close to this type of hands on training.  I felt this training has alleviated the fear of being a sales person and dealing with rejection. Yes, I learned way more than I expected.  Great information. Thank you Teal!"

- Jeff K. Brentwood, CA

"With the structure of the sit I feel like I will no longer be "winging it" when I make my presentations... I can see how her approach is an effective selling tool."

- Bob S., Redding, CA

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