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Allow me a moment of your valuable time to introduce myself, I’ll be brief and to the point – promise.

I’m Star Washington from SoUnPopular [Dot]Com. As a professional who spent years of my life dedicated to the goal of assisting others in taking control of their spending habits and developing a proven, strategic approach to their financial planning that will deliver exceptional results few considered possible.

As a specialized professional property manager, I am responsible for successfully managing over 100 homes at this time – an achievement that speaks for itself when it comes to the added quality and effectiveness I can bring to your financial planning process.

If you are one of those who often find themselves feeling guilty about spending, wondering where all their hard earned money has gone, believing that you could have spent your funds better and often ending up finding yourself in more debt and financial issues than you’d like to admit – working with me could prove to be the very best thing that happened to you this year.

Not only am I able to deliver highest quality financial planning assistance because of my experience as a successful property manager – I can also relate on a personal level with every single individual struggling with managing their finances.


Because the truth is - I wasn’t always a successful property manager. At one point in the beginning of my career, I was a passionate, ambitious, but like most – struggling music artist desperately looking for ways to support my career and deal with all the financial problems I faced on a daily basis.

I personally faced the full extent of the negative influence bad financial situation can have on your life and career – finding myself forced to switch careers in order to better my finances but still ending up struggling because of no clear plan and idea on how to manage my money and avoid overspending.

At one point, I found myself always feeling broke and subconsciously believing that the only way for me not to overspend and waste money would be if I had no money to begin with.

After reaching a point of hopelessness – I just felt that I must change or face the potential bankruptcy or a miserable financial life that will always keep me on the edge of existentiality.

I’ve spent months researching and learning through trial – and – error process that enabled me to eventually find the most effective, powerful and useful system I have utilized to make an instant and drastic change in my life. So much so, that most of my peers and friends couldn’t believe the dramatic change they’ve witnessed in my financial situation practically overnight!

Finding and utilizing this system enabled me to enjoy a sense of freedom, control and peace of mind that left an open door of opportunities for me to enjoy my life and focus on doing the things I love and find important – instead of obsessing and feeling guilty over my overspending habits.

Knowing the full extent of negative poor financial planning can bring into one’s life and personally experiencing the beauty of relief that comes from taking control of your finances – I’ve developed a newfound passion for helping people who found themselves in the same situation I did in the past and teaching them how to control their money in order to change their life for the better.

Since learning this system and changing my financial mindset I’ve managed to save property owners over $225,000 annually and have became known as one of the region’s top performers.

I have analyzed the spending habits of hundreds of my Clients and successfully coached & consulted them to fix their credit and income to obtain housing, pay off mortgage, achieve a peace of mind and gain absolute control over their finances.

I’ll be happy to do the same for you.

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