Simon Scotting

Ultra-marathon runner, self-experimenter, blogger

British-American currently living in London, but at home anywhere in the world.

I experiment constantly with ways to improve my efficiency and effectiveness.

I have been running long distances for years and wanted to share my knowledge gained through experience. Once you build a solid fitness foundation, it is easy to maintain and improve it.

Let's connect, I enjoy meeting new people.

I also enjoy creating successful systems and making big things happen. I get easily frustrated when I am not making progress and my emotional intelligence is low (sorry if I hurt your feelings).

I believe the human body was designed to run long distances, not to sit in a chair looking at screens. However, when I do sit in a chair to look at screens I want to be as productive as possible.

I am embarrassed by my procrastination habit. It's getting better, but sometimes I relapse.

I prefer train travel to planes, even if it takes much longer.

There's too much to write about me to be contained in here, but feel free to ask me anything.

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