Shu Huang Chen

Omsophist, Mystic, Mentor, Founder of Omsophy

Greetings, I have researched and practiced the many fields of the metaphysical for over a decade: Hermeticism, chakra science, alchemy, magical evocation; mysticism supported by philosophy and psychology. My standpoint is to not limit the perceptions into one singular field nor doctrine, but opt for breadth and all-encompassing depth. Because wisdom is endless and unlimited and all knowledge are mutually supportive.

As the ages change and consciousness expands Omsophy is a word that denominates the cherishing of all wisdom without boundaries, to bring about the magnificence of ALL THAT IS into cognizance. I bring to you the essential, the polished, the best, the perfected of my knowledge and wisdom. I will teach you what YOU can do for you have always been a being with limitless potential and possibilities, we together are to awake the dormant God within you for you to accomplish the incredible. I am happy to teach you what I know. Happy learning.

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