Egyptian Arabic,American English Sherif Alseragy

Profissional Arabic and English teacher

Egyptian instructor, 11 years of teaching Arabic, English and French experience to the students of all levels and develop accent of those students who want to speak and sound like native speakers of Arabic and English.
So it'll be quite easy for you to get a quality service.

If you are doing a job and feel that you're not being promoted for just not being able to speak Arabic or English fluently and confidently, here is the best solution. I teach Business Arabic and English and adjust my students in the particular environment of their company/workplace. I train people to give presentations, deliver speeches and hold meetings in a professional way. If you're a manager, I'll let you know how you may have a sort of psychological control on your team members. 

My students take interest, actively participate in discussions and enjoy speaking Arabic and English,

I hold online sessions as well which are even more interactive, interesting and full of activities.

I also teach Soft Skills and Life Coaching courses.

English, Arabic and French ARE MADE EASY FOR EVERYONE HERE .... :)

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