Shameela Yoosuf Ali

Early Childhood Educator, Researcher and Journalist

Inspire, Empower, Enrich and Invest on YOURSELF.

I love to sit by my window on a cold morning with a coffee cup and my laptop amid flowing ideas. Born in Mawanella,a beautiful town close to the central hills, Sri Lanka, I recall a cherished childhood. Now am residing in the UK ,

I am a Journalist,writer,lecturer,Life coach,Artist and a bilingual poet, holding a Masters in Journalism & Mass communications and a Masters in Sociology. Currently now I am reading for my M Phil.

I lecture on Sociology, Journalism, Creative writing,Personality Development,Early years education, Child Psychology ,Educational psychology, Art therapy and Creative Aesthetic skills.

I have published few books on Children's Literature and Sociology.

I love painting in my spare time apart from reading books,writing poetry and travelling around the globe.

As the founder and Chair person of Center For Creative Learning we have empowered thousands of students and adult learners to discover their potential and hidden creativity for the last 10 years.

Being a Guide and a teacher, involves patience, dedication, the ability to sacrifice and do voluntary work and continuous learning about the world around me. By helping students to learn, I enter into a timeless world of imagination and inspiration. Teaching is not stuffing the minds with information, but it is triggering curiosity which leads to exploration and adventure.

The best investment you will ever make is, investing in yourself. It will not only make you grow and succeed, it will improve the lives of all those around you.

We have to this earth for a purpose, for an aim , to fulfil a promise. Enrich this world with your knowledge, skills and expertise.

Push yourself to do more and to experience more. Use your energy to start exploring and expanding your dreams. Yes, expand your dreams. Don't accept a life of disappointments when you hold such infinite potential within your mind.

Rumi a famous poet once told.

“You were born with potential.

You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness.

You were born with wings.

You are not meant for crawling, so don't.

You have wings.

Learn to use them and fly."

We are all born unique and with infinite potential.

Yet we are unaware of our potential.

We always underestimate our abilities.

We tend to have small dreams. Instead of extra-large aspirations, we always settle for less.

The door is open, Are you ready to walk?

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