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Leadership & People Management Trainer at Udemy

Shakthi is a dedicated, result-oriented, training and development professional with vast knowledge of adult learning theories and the development and implementation of training methodologies. He has developed pro-active solutions in alignment with organization-based objectives. 

He strives for continuous improvement in individual, team and organisational performance. He posses exceptional team leadership skill, and an ability to communicate effectively across organisational lines. He's also competent in development and implementation of organisational training programs and materials.

Upon attaining his Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) Shakthi decided to conduct youth development courses for several training companies. One of which being the Character & Leadership Academy.

During his time as the Head Of Character & Leadership Academy, he was:

  • Responsible to bring in the income revenue from the client base through meetings, Tenders & invitation to quote via Government e-business (GEBIZ).
  • Required to work in teams in developing the revenue structure of the organisation.
  • Responsible to recruit, train and develop training staff (both full-time and part time associates).
  • Required to work with Training Team and Business Development to design new programs and activities and to work collaboratively in ensuring the highest quality delivery of the trainers and trainees.
  • Responsible of the Special Projects Officer & Sales Marketing or other relevant positions during project assignments according to the needs of the organisation and program demands.
  • Responsible of the team of training staff, operation staff and project-based trainers.
  • Responsible for work performance of the staff under my charge in development, performance and job redesign.

With this wealth of knowledge and experience he then transitioned from being a youth development trainer to an Adult Educator, conducting WSQ courses for not only the public but companies as well. 

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