Sassan Behzadi

Programmer, Development Manager, CTO

A lifelong passion for programming has meant over 30 years of experience as a programmer, development manager and CTO in various technology-based companies. I've been involved in many diverse development projects. From leading a development team of 20 plus programmers, in building an enterprise Java banking application, to working on a project creating a virtual environment for running Windows under Unix, as well as being the CTO of several California startups. 

My own core programming experience started with C and assembly under Unix, and moved towards Java, C#, and Python. More recently: web and mobile development has taken most of my time.

A whole new way to learn:  Through the years, I've hired many programmers and know what it takes for programmers to come up to speed on new technologies. Although learning a new programming language is not difficult, the available tools are not very good. That's why I developed my own online learning tools for programmers. Forget talking heads; forget screen captures.The best way to learn a new language is to watch it be used to develop programs: step-by-step. Each line of code and each section, needs to be explained as it is being built. My tools explain programming in a series of animations within the code. So you learn faster and remember longer.       

Sit back and enjoy a whole new way to learn programming.

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