Dr. Sanjeev Raman

Lean|Agile Coach and Trainer

Dr. Sanjeev Raman has over 15 years helping organizations increase efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately delivery more value. He has been a Lean|Agile coach & Trainer at the team, program, and enterprise level. He has helped organizations setup an Agile center for excellence, release trains, and get ISO and CMMi certified for their Agile processes. Some of his clients have included Fannie Mae, JC Penney, JP Morgan Chase, PayPal, Cisco, just to name a few. Dr. Raman has four academic degrees, which includes two undergraduate degrees in Biomedical Science Research and Laboratory Science and two graduate degrees in Information Technology from University of Maryland, Towson University, and George Mason University respectively. He has been on review committees for selecting speakers for the Scrum Alliance conferences, spoken at agile conferences, and published articles. Dr. Raman has translated the Agile Manifesto into Sanskrit, published with InfoQ, Scrum Alliance, and Agile Atlas.

Dr. Raman created interactive courses to engage and help people learn in a fun way. His courses helps people to collaborate with each other better, and deliver more value in less time.

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