QSB Funds

Professional Traders, Ex Top Investment Bank Traders

QSB Funds is a private fund managed by ex-Senior Traders from top investment banks and hedge funds.

We consist of 3 managing partners whom each used to manage $500 millions to over $1 billion of funds at top investment banks and hedge funds. Combined together, we offer 25+ years of proprietary trading and portfolio management expertise and experience.

Our education background varies from MBA degree from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, PhD from University of Toronto, to M.S from Cambridge University.

Why are we teaching?

Along the way, we came to learn a staggering statistic that about 90% of regular people fail and lose money trading the financial markets. It happens because many reasons. For example:

  • Not having a solid strategy to trade the markets
  • Not having a solid risk management, which is the holy grail of trading.
  • Information overload from many books and trading educators/seminars.
    And, many more that we will explain in our Udemy course.

After learning about the issues, we decided to help the community by sharing our knowledge and some of our simple trading strategies that can be used right away by regular traders and investors.

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