Mr. Sam Kneller

Teacher, Author, Worldview crafter

I was born in London and has lived in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Spain, Canada, Israel, Belgium, and—for the past thirty-five years—France. After spending twenty-five years in the Christian ministry in Quebec and France, I taught website creation at the American University in Paris and worked as a technical writer.

In 1998 I founded, which has become a successful site for travel and tourism in France. I'm currently occupied with webmastering, studying, teaching, speaking, and writing including my blog The Explanation.

Inventory of the Universe, my first book is published with Audit of the Universe and Origin of the Universe on the way. Not to give everything away, but this third book delves into Genesis and the Biblical Hebrew. 

I started learning Hebrew at the age of 10 and lived in Israel for 2 years where I learnt 'street Hebrew.' Since then unfortunately, not having used the language, I've forgotten a lot but what I do know has helped me immensely with comprehension and 'getting around' with Biblical Hebrew. 

During my ministry studying the original language of the Old Testament threw new light on words and hence subjects and understanding. 

To be right up front with you some time after I left the full time ministry I began thinking of writing about Bible comprehension via Biblical Hebrew but I wasn't sure that my method was valid. To verify that I took 2 years of online courses with eTeacherHebrew where I could learn and ask questions. In so doing I came to the conclusion that my method is valid.

It is that method, of understanding the Bible via Biblical Hebrew - without learning the alphabet, the grammar ... or the vocabulary, that I'll share with you during this course.

Sounds a little far-fetched. Well, you will have to use a couple of 'tools' to do this but everything is online, free and accessible 24/7/365 for your on-going study. This course will help you get started in your quest to better understand the Bible.

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