Ruqxana Vasanwala

Private Chef & Culinary Instructor

Hi! I’m Ruqxana. Food Docent. Cat Lover. Personal Chef. Food Sorceress at Cookery Magic. And your teacher when I see you in class! :)

When I was five, my idea of play was to rip recipes off Nestlé Ideal milk tins and start a scrap book. My parents initially thought it odd but eventually gave in to my fetish for milk tins and happily provided me with a running supply of Nestle Milk tins.  This recipe collection eventually led me to start experimental cooking by seven, and by the time I was in my teens, I was cooking and hosting friends at dinner parties in my house.

I followed the conventional route into the working world, studying, qualifying and working as a Mechanical Engineer for over 15 years and later, a technopreneur in a start-up venture. When that bubble burst in 2001, I was, for the first time in my life, left with no direction on what I wanted to do next. That was when it came to me that I should pursue my one consistent passion in my life – cooking. And voila, Cookery Magic was born in 2001 and I have not looked back since.

Cooking has allowed me to express myself in so many ways, and to experience so many cultures, through the hundreds of amazing people I have met in my classes. I have especially savoured the ability to travel and experience the amazing cuisines around the world. 

I am blessed today to be able to say, in the words of Ray Bradbury that, I am doing the things that I love, and the things that I love are the things that I am doing. :) 

So I welcome you to join me on Udemy and hope that I am able to impart my knowledge of cuisine to you.

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