CEO Rotty Rehab Academy Ryan Garcilazo

Master Rehab Contractor and Investor

I have walked thousands of properties. Flipped nearly 600 homes and worked with over 1 thousand investors. We have won top 550 contractor awards the past fours years. Earned a spot on on the INC 5000 list and we will not slow down. What I've come to realize over the years is that I didn't know enough. I had to learn as I went along and that costs everyone money in the long run.The Rotty Rehab Academy believes in value based education. Over the years I have found that this industry is comprised of so many amazing talents and personalities that all contribute at the highest levels with one another to achieve financial freedom and the fundamental understanding of Real Estate Investing. I have strategically pieced together the best of the best and have created real life, factual-yet missing, first hand experienced based training courses. These programs will make you think, they will force you to open your mind in a new capacity and more importantly, show you that your on the right path. We are here every step of the way!

Welcome to The Rotty Rehab Academy.

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