Ryan Christensen

Pro Juggler

Professional juggler, Ryan Christensen, has been performing for audiences around the globe since 1999. At the age of 13, he formed professional juggling group, today known as The Entertain Men . Since the beginning, Ryan has always loved to share the joy of juggling with those around him. In early 2012, he toyed with the idea of creating an app to teach children how to juggle, which benefited them by improveing dexterity, fine motor skills & hand-eye coordination. The app has been created to also attempt to set a world record for teaching the most amount of people to juggle. Ryan believes nearly everyone can learn how to juggle 3 balls in 60 seconds or less. With the success of the iPhone and iPad app, Ryan choose to become part of the Udemy community of instructors to help share the joy of juggling to new students.

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