Russell Keeble

Professional drummer and educator

Russell is a well established and versatile session drummer regularly playing at festival-circuits and shows. He has also had the pleasure of working on numerous musical projects at some of the best recording studios in the UK.

Russell has taught drums professionally for over 7 years. In that time he has taught people ranging from 4-70 years old....complete beginners and professional musicians alike. He has a degree in contemporary music (where he was voted the best drummer in the course) as well as a Licentiate in music education from the 'Institute of Contemporary Music Performance' in London.

Russell is incredibly passionate about teaching and believes that learning a new instrument should't be an exclusive should be accessible for everyone! With this in mind, Russell tailors his teaching to allow students to get the most amount of enjoyment from the instrument without sacrificing any improvement. In fact his students tend to improve at a faster rate because they're enjoying what they're doing! Overall Russell enjoys sharing his musical passion and ideas with as many people as he can.

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