Ron N

Software Developer , Freelancer and Cycling enthusiast


I am a Software Developer by profession , and I currently do freelancing work. I am truly excited to be publishing a course which is very dear to me personally.

I use to work long hours and use to have stressful days. This was the main reason why I started to take interest in the area of productivity.

I started reading , taking seminars and courses on productivity. I tried and tested numerous strategies and eventually made my own productivity system.

My life improved tremendously after following my own system. I found that there were some good systems that were difficult to understand or implement.

My friends , colleagues and relatives started asking me about my productivity. I recommended them books , and I soon realized that they didn't want to read 300 pages to get the nuggets of wisdom.

So, I decided to create a course for the people who want to learn about productivity and get the main "nuggets of wisdom" in short amount of time. Especially for the people who are too busy to attend full day seminars or even 2 hour webinars to learn about  productivity.

I hope that this course will help my students tremendously. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction  to see my students grow and find success in their own lives.



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