Roman Zhur

Serial entrepreneur/Founder and CEO HuntSmart Inc.

Nowadays I am founder and CEO of international outstaffing company HuntSmart Inc. with more than 50 employees.

Over these years in business, I've tried almost every type of the business:
- two online subscription services.
- some complex b2b businesses.
- an affiliate marketing.
- an online store.
- an offline business. 
- a franchise that I bought.
- a business based on some training course.
- a ready-made business that I bought.
- a b2c big check business.
- an informational business.
- worked as a dealer and partner.
And this is only considering the businesses I have been engaged in at least 3 months. And a bunch of others that, for various reasons, were closed in the first weeks of existence.

So, it can be said, I have big experience in business and want to share it with you!

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