Rogelio Consejo

Hypnotist and teacher

I have been practicing hypnosis for over 12 years, learning from the works of as many hypnotists as I can (like Milton H. Erickson, Ormond McGill, Dave Elman, Richard Bandler, Michael D. Yapko) and practicing in a semi-formal manner (from giving a small group talks for free and setting up impromptu hypnosis shows on parties to helping friends and clients with some of their problems). I just recently formally begun my private practice.

I am a geek: I give private lessons in math, english, spanish and french... among other things... and I love teaching. I love programming and computers since I'm a kid (I made my first game on QBasic when I was 10). I love videogames.

A charming geek... As a hypnotist, I started the "Academia de Seducción" to help men learn to meet women with a different approach: starting with getting rid of confidence issues instead of learning "lines" and "routines", what I built is a more natural approach. I have a YouTube channel with over 40K subscribers.

Also, as an ordained minister of the Church of the Subgenius, I know The Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything, which is 42. Now you know too (and if you don't believe me just search The Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything on Google and see for yourself).

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