Renee Konan

Energy Healer, Holistic Beauty Consultant, Writer

Shreyas Ayurveda is a lifestyle brand built around of idea that we are all divine by essence and that holistic beauty and money should be used as powerful spiritual tools of empowerment towards the attainment of happiness and success.

Renée is a multi-dimensional healer, certified practitioner in New Paradigm MDT (formerly known as Shamballa). In her practice, she combines her knowledge of African shamanism, plant-based healing therapies as passed on generation after generation in Africa, with India's Ayurveda and NLP techniques to create a very particular way of guiding her clients through personal empowerment and spiritual awakening.

Her programs, including the activations and meditations, but also the ayurvedic skincare line she owns, under the same name Shreyas Ayurveda, are all fruits of her ability to channel celestial beings like archangels, ascended masters, goddesses and deities.

These very powerful beings of Light and Love are here to teach us about our life purpose which is to be happy and to use our special talent to design our own version of what success and happiness are.

The empowerment comes from the realization of our own divinity, and our own innate abundance. Once we release the blocks of our own ego programming, we can self-realize in all harmony and bliss.

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