Renato Baruti

Senior Systems Analyst, Alteryx & Tableau Trainer

Renato is the Tampa Bay Alteryx User Group leader, strengthening the self-service analytics community by bringing professionals closer together to share endless data-driven insights Alteryx has to offer.

Professionally, he is a Senior Systems Analyst with over five years of experience in Healthcare Analytics and over 11 years of Healthcare experience. 

After graduating with an Economics degree from the University of South Florida, Renato continued with that interest as a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. His experience has ranged across data structure and design using SQL, building intuitive Alteryx workflows to answer complex business problems and finishing with expressive data visualizations by developing Interactive Tableau dashboards to revolutionize not just how individuals work, but how the entire organization works.

Renato believes in learning by understanding and loves teaching everything he learns! He has a passion using Alteryx that grows exponentially day after day, identifying relationships in data and solving problems in minutes.

"It is my privilege and pleasure to teach you. I hope you'll come away learning something new, understanding at a level deeper than before, and feeling positive that you can accomplish what you've set out to accomplish. Thank you!" - Renato Baruti

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