Rashida Blackfeather


Mage. Priestess. Reiki Master. Hypnotherapist. Officiant. Tarot Reader. Creatrix. Coach. Author. Student. Pagan. Wife. Mother.

I live in beautiful and sunny California, with my wonderful husband and precious little girl. From an early age, I've studied metaphysics and spiritualities of all kinds. Those studies are what led me to my passion for healing, symbolism, occult knowledge, and spiritual exploration.

My services aren't about never being sad, upset, disappointed, or angry. They are about using those emotions to your benefit. I'm not one of those charlatans that is going to promise you things that are purely impossible. I'm not going to waste your time telling you exactly what you want to hear, either. My goal is to show you how to take hold of the power that you already possess. My goal is make YOUR life work for YOU, by providing you with clarity, confidence, and certainty.

I help people reclaim their worth and give them the knowledge and support that need to utilize their own personal version of spirituality and create the lives they desire and deserve.

This is done by transforming spiritual hopefuls into Mages of Manifestation
and Attainment by utilizing hypnotherapy methods and combining them with
coaching as well as ancient and modern metaphysical practices.

It is important to me that people everywhere can reclaim their right to
attainment and satisfaction in life, so I provide them with coaching and
other services to help them move mountains with their 'magick'.

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