Kamlesh Rajpal

Trainer at Kore Infotech Pte Ltd & Udemy

Kamlesh Rajpal (aka Raj)  has 17 years of IT industry experience and more than 12 years of running a business in Singapore. Kamlesh is a IT veteran who has worked in MNC's managing their data center's. 

He first started his own business in 2004 part time, while he was still holding a full time job. Due to him juggling business and job, he learnt and became a fan of Productivity tools, that would allow him to work faster and do more with less effort. 

This is the secret of him knowing and working with so many free tools. 

He is a Tech enthusiast and loves Linux operating system and has been using Linux for both personal and professional work for last 18 years. He call's it his second wife, she Linux plays a huge role in delivering part of his productivity. 

He is also quite good at Online marketing, since this was an essential skill to run his own business.

Kamlesh, calls himself a natural teacher and has trained since he was 19 years old. He has trained more than 2000+ students in classroom based environments for Individual and Corporate training in various domains like - Linux, Shell Scripting, Perl programming, Productivity tools, Computer Hardware and Repair, Web Design, Ecommerce, Train the trainer workshops and others.

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