Rafael John Regidor

2d Mobile Game Artist, Instructor

I love playing mobile games and creating mobile game art!
As a game artist, I create professional designs for mobile games and provides full game reskins for clients all over the world.

I am the founder and lead game artist at Nether Fun Games, and in my years of creating game art assets, I have developed workflows to get the creative task done in the fastest way possible and in the highest quality. No compromises on quality here, just pure fast and top-notch work.

Learn how I do it.

Would you like to learn how to create your own game art? For your flash games, mobile games or other gaming platform?

Would you like to see the ins and out of mobile game graphics reskinning?

Would you like to learn how to create any game art, just by having the correct mindset even if you have absolutely no understanding of all the art concepts, theories and other "stuff"

Then my courses are for you! I have been in the mobile games design industry for almost 3 years now. Providing fast and top-notch for happy clients all over the world.

And I will teach you all my discoveries and personally streamlined workflows to start creating your own game art, and maybe start on making your first mobile game theme/design.

I have created game app designs and reskins for clients. Providing character design and animation, interface design, background and props designs, screenshots and icons. And helped clients have premium quality game art, which players (like myself) would be excited to play.

Though my courses are mainly for mobile game art creation, all knowledge, tips/hacks I will teach can be applied to any other graphics art field like creating vector illustrations for print, videos, stock images and other related skills.

"It's not how good you are, Its how good you want to be"

So check my courses now and enroll to what interests you.

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