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The company I own (Quantitative Technologies) creates advanced analytics for Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms dealing in Stocks, Options, Forex and Futures. Quant is just a fancy way of saying we rely on numbers, not opinions. So I've been in the financial industry for the past 15 years looking at stocks, and numbers.

Suddenly, and I'm still not sure how it happened, my children grew up. Now they are all young teens. So I wanted to make sure they were fully educated in stocks, trading and investing. I am doing this so they won't have to worry about money as adults.

I wanted to teach them the "Classics". The top trading books from the masters of trading and investing. So I selected the top 20 or so books on Trading and Stock Investing to teach them from.

But it dawned on me: Okay, these are the top selling books, but does that make them right?

You know we are a bunch of math nerds/quants here, we rely on numbers, not opinions. Plus this is my children's future on the line here. So I grabbed the top 50 or so books, and handed them over to my math analyst guys, and said, "Verify Them!"

If they can't be proven to work, they aren't worthy of teaching my kids. Period.

Opinions are a dime a dozen, I want proof.

So these collections of courses are our attempt to share these findings and analysis with the world. The materials you see are the same materials being used to teach my children, and the children/relatives of those that work with us.

The process of verifying the approaches in these books required distilling and simplifying the fundamental approaches of these books. So that's why these are Fast-Track guides. The books have lots of background material, stories, and historical references, but we've boiled it down to the core actions needed to put them into action. So that's what you are getting. The Fast-Track Action Guides to get going with these book concepts.

We priced the courses at $300 because they include free add-on tools that are expensive for us to offer, and require quite a bit of computing and server resources. Plus we want to support our students into the future. So we want to make sure that only serious students apply.

We will also be releasing several courses designed to give you the technical skills to use, and put into action the investing and trading ideas you will learn in our courses.

So if you have any questions, go ahead and ask them in the Discussion Section of the courses, and I'll fire them off to our tech crew to get you answers.

I look forward to seeing you in one of our courses!

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