Pisit Putthacharoenwat

PE Professional; passed all Three Levels of CFA Exams

Since 2011, Pisit Putthacharoenwat has been working as a private equity professional at one of the largest local private equity funds in Thailand where he has involved in multiple functions including fundraising, the evaluation of investment and divestment opportunities, and the advisory services to the portfolio companies especially in corporate strategy and financing plan. During his professional life, he also successfully completed all three levels of CFA exams. In addition, he has had a chance to lead the training sessions for new analysts in Thailand and Vietnam, the activity that has strengthened his passion for teaching, which has developed since his college life.

In addition to teaching, personal finance is also his favorite topic. He has been passionate about investment and insurance since he was studying in the top local university in Thailand. During fourth year of his study, he participated in two major competitions: CFA Global IRC 2011, the global equity-research competition sponsored by CFA Institute, and YFS 2010, the largest local finance competition sponsored by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. For CFA Global IRC 2011, where over 500+ universities participated globally, he became the national champion (Thailand), the regional champion (Asia-Pacific), and one of the four global finalists. For YFS, where over 4,000+ undergraduate and graduate students in Thailand participated, he was awarded 1st place in insurance segment both individual-based and team-based. As the person who decided to buy his own apartment at the age of 23 and to finance his purchase through mortgage, Pisit has deepened his understanding in personal finance principles and the importance of financial discipline.

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