Pablo Muñoz Sánchez

English > Spanish Video Game Translator

I’m Pablo Muñoz and I have 6 years of experience translating video games, software, websites and apps from English into Spanish. When I’m not busy working on translation projects, I write a well-known blog about translation called Algo más que traducir, teach courses and speak at specialized conferences on video game localization. You can find more information about my projects in my professional website.

I’m currently based in Madrid, Spain. Why? An agency hired me to work as an external part-time translator, proofreader and tester for the localization department at one of the leading multinationals in the Internet search engine and technology sector. I’ve been honing my professional localization skills there since 2010, especially in software and app localization and testing (QA).

The job that genuinely got my career off the ground was my two-year stint at Nintendo of Europe in Frankfurt, Germany. My work there as a game translator and tester on a highly-specialized international team helped me make up my mind to gear my career towards projects with a strong creative and technological profile.

On top of all that, I spent my spare time in Germany studying a European MA in Audiovisual Translation at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain, where I learnt all about dubbing, subtitling and localization, among many other things. So much so that in 2011, my former lecturers asked me to teach some of the units of the software localization module of the MA.

To sum it up, here are my specialties:

- Game Localization (Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, Wii, Wii :U, Nintendo 3DS)
- App Localization (iOS -iPhone and iPad-, Android)
- Website Localization (WordPress, Drupal, HTML + CSS, other)
- Software Localization (PC, Help/Documentation)
- QA and Localization Testing
- Programming Languages: Visual Basic, VBA

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