Marina Makarewska

A database performance specialist looking to run away from computer with home crafts

One of my passions is my work - I love databases and have spent quite some time to become an expert with Oracle. I am a certified Oracle associate with over 10 years of experience in the field and specialize in performance tuning and reporting.

That means I spend majority of my working day staring at the monitor and in my free time I want to run away from it. As I love creating things with my own hands home crafts were an obvious choice. I started as 8-year-old with simple things like origami and crochet and since then went through multiple techniques like looming, pyrography, stitch and others.

I have a fairly technical mind so with my crafts I prefer to do things that are not only pretty but also practical. Most of them also don't need specialized tools or said tools can also be quite easily made or replaced if need be.

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