Ninette Denise Uzan-Nemitz

One of the first female traders and fund manager on Wall St.

Over a twenty year career on Wall Street she created a 100+ million investment partnership for high net worth investors which aggressively and successfully leveraged futures in commodities, currencies and indices. Other notable accomlishments include brokering a $200 million LBO and establishing a sizable postion in gold prior to the Washington agreement.

Orignally from France, she crossed the ocean and cultures and quickly discovered that a little French blonde was not welcome on Wall Street. Using her classy tenacity, she landed a job as the only female trader in the emerging hedge fund industry.

If you want,you can.

This simple phrase written above the blackboard, in her grade school in France, inspired her and became her life's motto.

Throughout her career she would always make time to share, “The Golden Rules of Trading" with rookie traders.

Now retired, she presents seminars and webinars which, like her book, strive to encourage and educate future and frustrated traders to succeed psychologically, technically, and financially.

Ninette currently lives in Paris, France and in Florida, USA.

Ninette Denise Uzan Nemitz is the Founder & Managing Director of the Viking Hedge Fund.

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