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Hi my name is Nicolas Zoumis or “Nick Zoom" is my Nick Name and you'll find me on the internet as both. I will be providing courses on a number of topics including Wealth, Health and Spirituality under the brand "The Info Files". The courses will be from both myself and other instructors and I hope we can add value in all these important areas of your life.

I am a father of 3 beautiful children, aged 22, 18 and 17, which are no doubt my greatest accomplishments.

I have a very diverse business background and was a financial planner for 10 years before suffering a heart attack and then suffering side-effects from the medications prescribed. I believe that the medications caused me to have 2 hip replacements far sooner than would have been the case if I was not prescribed statins for cholesterol lowering after the heart attack.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Pharmacology and a strong interest in natural medicine.

After being no longer able to work as a financial adviser, I turned to the internet to re-educate myself. I have bought thousands of dollars worth of courses and so many products that really didn't deliver a lot of value to me. So you can learn from all my mistakes without having to make them yourselves.

I was unfortunate to have my websites hacked and my membership site and another 10 sites were taken down. So I have considerable experience in more ways than one.

The main quality about me is that I love to help people and so I like to share value to everyone that I interact with.

One of the best skills that I have gained is how to make videos to market for business. I have learned how to rank the videos quickly in search engines and you can too. One of my major clients asked me to partner with them, which is Network Copiers in Melbourne Australia and you can visit the site to see how it is put together and ranks for its targeted keywords.

I have quickly dominated local business marketing for clients using video and you can learn how to do this too with my courses and secrets.

A key passion I have is for natural healing and I am preparing more courses that I hope will make a difference in people's lives.

I am also singer and songwriter and devoted to God and metaphysics and in the process of writing my book on this topic.

I am willing to answer any questions that you may have in relation to the courses and would love to hear from you. I will respond to you quickly and hope that you can give me your constructive criticism so we can improve the courses for the betterment of everyone.

I'll be happy to also answer any questions you may have about what you want to learn or for me to include in order to continuously update and improve the course materials.

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